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in a nutshell

PoweratSea shapens the future.

We advise on whatever is between vision and realization, between dream and action. The future of mankind is with renewable energy. Our way to the future is through

  • Professionalism
  • Competence
  • Experience.

We follow a no-nonsense approach. PoweratSea has identified all successive steps in the development process of designing, permitting, contracting, financing, building, operating and servicing large offshore wind farms.

For each phase, we offer specific knowledge and experience. We also propose turnkey solutions that cover the complete process.

PoweratSea is a reliable partner. We have been in this business since 1999. We speak, on a daily basis, with public authorities, private companies, utilities all over Europe. We have the financial and technical backing of strong shareholders, including the worldleading marine engineering group DEME.

What PoweratSea has realized in the past years, inspires confidence in the future. When you work out there at sea, there is one thing you want to control at all price: risk. Experience made us experts in risk management. And risk mitigation and control is what our clients want us to do in the first place.

Risk mitigation and control comes in many ways. In general, there are the usual risks of design, engineering, calculation, construction. There are the risks of time and budget overruns. There are the specific offshore risks with weather, gales, swell, currents. There is the risk to find timely access to very specific plant and equipment. There are the numerous legal aspects, the contractual pitfalls, the funding risk, the credit risk. Appropriate risk allocation is what PoweratSea can do for you. We have all required in-house knowledge, professionalism and experience to support a project with the best available risk management tools.

PoweratSea works closely together wíth you. Our clients are our partners. Experience has learned that a integrated approach yields better results than a distributive one. Integrated partnership leads to mutual gains. Teaming-up with the client always brings win-win situations, if only for the many complexities to take into consideration when working on the edge of technology and innovation.

In a project development process, experience goes hand in hand with brainwork and engineering. PoweratSea has both the competence and the experience. That is why you can trust us to make your vision become reality