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string of strengths

Pioneering and experience

Since our establishment in 1999, PoweratSea has witnessed the spectacular increase of scale and innovation in offshore wind technology. We have overcome the laborious passing of an ever changing legal framework and regulation. We know what it means to work your way through concessions, permits, contracting, insurance, financing. In the early days, we pioneered with near shore wind farms. We were there when the first megawatt offshore wind turbines were installed (Utgrunden, Samsoe, Horns Rev). Today we are pioneering again with second generation offshore wind turbines. PoweratSea is involved in offshore energy projects in Belgium, its homeland and elsewhere in Europe.


As a knowledge-based company, PoweratSea can offer very specific resources in the field of legal consulting and permitting; administrative guidance; equity and financial structuring; risk management and risk mitigation. We have successfully supported the many complex steps, that ultimately have led to a € 1,3 billion financial structuring for the 326 MW offshore wind farm at the Thorntonbank off the Belgian coast. We have access to key plant and equipment for offshore services. We have acquired all competences for working with gravity foundations, monopiles, tripods or four legs jackets. PoweratSea can rely on in-house skills, people and expertise for the installation, exploitation, and maintenance of large offshore wind farms.

Appropriate risk allocation

PoweratSea reduces design-, engineering-, construction-, financial-, contractual- and liability risks for your offshore energy project. Harvesting the wind in offshore conditions requires a thorough understanding of the marine environment in the first place. Offshore development risks are very specific. A transparent allocation of risks is a prerequisite for success. PoweratSea is closely linked to a group of companies for which the sea has been the backyard for more than 150 years. Risk management and control is a core concern, when you set off for working in the swell, in wind, weather and waves.


Teaming up with strong local partners is our second nature. We share risks for mutual gains. Our objective is to create win-win situations. We are used to work with very different partners: public authorities, private companies, public-private ventures. Flexibility and listening to each other’s needs and preferences are crucial. Sometimes PoweratSea is the only owner of an offshore concession; at another occasion, we share proprietary rights. Sometimes, we are asked to take the lead in a partnership; yet we have no problem when a partner wants to be in the driving seat himself. Sometimes PoweratSea offers a turnkey solution with the full range of services; but we may come in for just a few specific services just as well.