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Offshore site identification

Taking into account regulatory restrictions and technical opportunities, we identify, evaluate and select prospective offshore wind farm locations. Obvious concerns are the depth to the sea bottom, the distance from the coastline, and geological and climatic conditions.

Establishment of SPC

After a concession is obtained, the basic wind farm concept is outlined, the environmental- and other permits have been received, and the financial framework is secured, a 'Special Purpose Company' (SPC) will be established. PoweratSea may take a majority or minority stake in the SPC which will do the detailed engineering, the procurement, the supply chain management, and the contracting.

Construction phase

With all project partners in line, the construction of a major wind farm in full offshore conditions requires a lot of risk management, expertise, specific skills, experienced people and very special equipment. In a competitive tender process, it is a trump for PoweratSea to have a shareholder with mighty references in this field.

Soil investigation
and survey

Soil conditions are decisive for selecting foundation alternatives. Wind speed measurements determine the economic viability. Initial wind farm concept and layout gives further indication of the size of the offshore site. A professional survey is where it all begins.

Contracting and
financing framework

Possibly coinciding with the selection of partners, financing of the various project phases is secured both for bridging loans and the long term. Equity is issued, a syndicate of commercial lenders is brought together, security is given, insurance is underwritten. Contracts need to be back-to-back to guarantee the bankability of the project.

Operations management

After commissioning, the actual operation of the offshore production facility and the distribution network calls for a professional management structure. PoweratSea can rely on the technical, marketing, financial and economic knowledge to monitor equipment, to evaluate turbine performance, and to run operations in a reliable and sustainable way.

Planning and

Based on in-depth study of incoming data, decisions are made about the wind farm configuration and optimisation, the production capacity, the cable routing and subsea crossings, the onshore grid connection, the selection of wind turbines.

Permitting process

An extensive and professional documentation is brought together in support of the site concession assignment. An 'Environmental Impact Assessment' (EIA) followed by public hearings is prepared as part of the construction permit procedures, the grid connection authorization, and other regulatory requirements.

Life-cycle maintenance

Relying on resources within its shareholders, PoweratSea has access to in-house facilities and structures to guarantee all technical-, service- and maintenance support that is required throughout the life-time of the offshore wind farm concession.